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Virtual or augmented reality, eye-tracking: see how to integrate immersive technologies into your practices.

We connect the human to the digital

Minimizing human error, establishing situational awareness for fast and effective decision making, making expertise explicit and facilitating its transmission, fostering collaborative work, providing the right information in the right place: these are some of the many objectives that immersive 3D technologies can help you achieve.

Immersive technologies rely on our innate ability to interact with the world around us. Far from the "wow effect", they transform the way we perceive and manipulate the digital world.


The mental load of the users is lightened

Less solicited by the manipulation of his tools, the user can allocate all his cognitive resources to his business tasks. Simply put, the user has less mental load thanks to our solutions. He can therefore concentrate more easily on the crucial tasks to be accomplished.

Faced with the emergence of IoT, Big Data, AI... immersive technologies allow us to redefine the role of the human in the middle of a digital ocean of exponential complexity.

Our 3D immersive solutions are custom-made

Our job is to accompany you and to create for you customized solutions taking full advantage of immersive 3D technologies.

We put at your disposal all our scientific expertise and our links with academic research to design optimal solutions.

We implement proven development processes for a controlled, fast and efficient result.

Our approach is inherited from ergonomics

All the value of our solutions comes from their adequacy, certainly to the needs, but also to the uses, constraints, organizations, technical and human ecosystems... of the end users.

In an approach inherited from ergonomics and the human factor, we take the time to study in depth the activities for which we design our solutions.

We adopt a techno-diagnostic approach: we start from the business by defining the technologies most adapted to your needs and by combining them if necessary, for a perfect adequacy and adoption of the imagined solution.

We accompany all industrial profiles

Our skills support many players in various sectors of activity: energy, defense, industry...

Our approach allows us to address any type of activity where the optimization of cognitive resources is paramount.

Thus, our solutions are specifically adapted to experts working in complex, sometimes critical, even dangerous environments.

Whether you are a start-up, an ETI, a large group or a research structure, we will be able to adapt to your organization.


You devote 100% of your time to your project. It's only natural! So surround yourself with experts to make your vision a reality. Between entrepreneurs, we know how to accompany us!

Companies and large groups

Whether they are your customers or your colleagues, you are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, facilitate and optimize their work: we can help you. Don't hesitate to talk to us about your business and aspirations in complete confidentiality: we have been working for several years with large groups and institutions.

Research Structures

We remain very close to research. Since our creation, we have been involved in various research projects in partnership with academics and industrialists and know how to adapt our services to the needs of academics.

Our ambition was to apprehend immersive technologies within the Human Factors department of MBDA France. The Immersalis team was proactive and committed in order to arrive at a detailed understanding of the activity to be studied and our related innovation needs. After a first project together, we are delighted: contrary to our experience with other service providers, with Immersalis we can already see concrete, usable results, which correspond to our expectations!

Are we getting started? Discover our 5-step approach

This is it. You have the need (and the desire) to integrate immersive 3D technologies into your business. But you're not quite sure how to do it or where to start.

Or maybe you have a very specific project in mind, but do not have the necessary resources, human or technological, in-house to carry it out.

This is where we come in. Immersalis will accompany you from A to Z.

Here is our 5-step approach.


Step 1: The meeting and the evaluation of your needs

Take advantage of a free one-hour videoconference to discuss your project with Alexis Clay, CEO of Immersalis, a recognized scientist and expert in immersive technologies. Together, we will define if and how we can support you in realizing your ambition.

Whether you already have a specific idea in mind or are looking to explore how immersive 3D technologies can optimize your business, we're here to talk!

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Step 2: The project study

We have identified your main objectives and then carry out an in-depth audit to study the problems and feasibility of the project.

Based on this study, we will propose recommendations for innovative and immersive 3D solutions. We will then create a specification including all the details of the project, as well as the time and costs of the design and development.


Stage 3: Design and development

We're taking action! It's time to design and develop THE perfect solution for you.

Our team of experts will guide you through the process.

The human size of Immersalis allows it to be agile and quick in the case of a change or an unforeseen event.

Step 4: Delivery

At the end of the project, we give you the code: you are the proud owner of the developed solution. You get prototypes or a reliable finished product of 3D technology solutions for your business.

We offer scientific advice throughout our collaboration and remain at your complete disposal following the implementation of the project if you have any questions.immersalis-code-technologies-solution


Step 5: Training

Do you want to train yourself or your teams, employees, operators, students, researchers to improve your skills?

You should know that we offer specific, simple and educational training courses adapted to all levels.

We also offer capsule trainings: interventions of about 2 hours on a particular subject or technology, for example :

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Immersalis, an approved Research Tax Credit company

Immersalis is an approved Research Tax Credit company.

In concrete terms, this means that our services are eligible for the CIR, giving you a tax credit of up to 30% of the cost of the service.

Immersalis is therefore 30% less expensive than a non-accredited competitor.


Why choose Immersalis?

For more than 15 years, we have been creating cutting-edge digital tools. Our core business is to offer innovative solutions focused on people, to transform your business and help it jump on the bandwagon of the future.

We operate a permanent technological watch of the technological evolutions in order to guarantee you visionary solutions. Our recommendations are tailor-made and adapted to your sector of activity, whether you are in the energy, aeronautics, naval, medical or automotive sectors.

The innovative devices we create will be specifically designed for your business.

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