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Who is behind Immersalis?


Immersalis, a company on a human scale

Based in Bidart, near Biarritz, Immersalis was born from the desire of its founder Alexis Clay to offer scientific expertise on immersive technologies, while knowing how to adapt to the organizational constraints of companies.

Immersalis is a company with 15 years of international scientific experience, stemming from - and still close to - academic research. We use our unique know-how to design, develop and evaluate visionary systems for your company in order to anticipate tomorrow's business.

Alexis and the Immersalis team are very knowledgeable and precise with the information they share about the ever changing technology industry they have expertise in. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with their team of professionals, who have even made the effort to meet me in my home town and give me an in person demonstration of the available technology they have access to.

At the crossroads of technological innovation and the human factor

Alexis Clay has been working for more than 15 years on R&D projects in close collaboration with specialists in ergonomics and the human factor, notably in the aeronautical and military fields. This experience has strongly influenced his approach to technological innovation through the human factor and uses, which he has instilled in the creation of Immersalis.

Our consulting and design services are thus largely influenced and supported by the fields of ergonomics and the human factor. We also maintain privileged relationships with our partners specialized in these fields at ESTIA and do not hesitate to collaborate with them on important projects.


A strong link with academic research

Immersalis is a company born from academic research, and more precisely from the research laboratory of the École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées(ESTIA) in Bidart. Alexis Clay, president and founder of Immersalis, is an associate researcher at ESTIA and regularly participates in the research activities of his laboratory.

In parallel, Immersalis maintains a strong link with various academic communities and associations, notably through an involvement in the French-speaking Association of Human-Computer Interaction (AFIHM), and participation in the organization of scientific conferences, such as the Ergo'AI and IHM conferences.

Finally, we regularly publish our results, in collaboration with our clients.

This daily involvement in academic research allows us to remain at the forefront of innovation.

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Efficient and professional development processes

Valentin Gaillard and Théo Videau are both development engineers on immersive technologies and are committed to maintaining a spirit of continuous improvement in our development processes.

We rely on an established infrastructure and processes of the development industry to ensure quality results and budget management.

The team

Photo of Alexis Clay, president and founder of Immersalis.

Alexis Clay

Doctor in computer science and specialist in immersive technologies, Alexis Clay is the founder and president of Immersalis, as well as an associate researcher at the ESTIA engineering school.

Alexis on Linkedin
Photo by Valentin, Lead Developer

Valentin Gaillard

Engineer and R&D project manager for Mixed Reality and eye-tracking, Valentin also teaches our training courses in these fields.

Valentin on Linkedin
Photo of Theo, Development Engineer

Théo Videau

Mixed reality and eye-tracking R&D engineer and coordinator of Immersalis training courses, in which he also intervenes as a trainer.

Theo on Linkedin

Our values

Our experience in international research allows us to put forward scientifically established proposals, at the forefront of innovation, on both immersive technologies and their uses.

Our solutions are out of the box: they are custom designed and adapted to each of our clients. We like to think "out of the box" in order to offer immersive technologies that do not exist on the market.

Go beyond the "wow effect": no smoke and mirrors! We define with you what can be a real source of value for your company and advise you on the most appropriate solutions to create this value. We will never advise you on solutions you don't need.

Our human-sized company allows us to approach your problems from technical, human and organizational angles in a very fast and agile way. No need to wait months before launching your project.

Our ambition: to support you in your innovation projects

We support manufacturers so that they can understand, apprehend and implement immersive 3D technologies at the cutting edge of innovation.

Through the magic of the virtual, we invent the jobs of tomorrow. Our expertise allows us to make work spaces evolve in a world in perpetual effervescence.

We design custom immersive collaborative solutions, technical and ergonomic, that place the human being at the heart of the operation, using technology as a coordinator.

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