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Immersalis FAQ

Immersive technologies aim to immerse the user in a digital environment in order to put him in a situation in which he is able to interact.

These interactions use the sensory and motor capacities of the user by creating a feeling of immersion (these technologies stimulate one or more of the five senses to create real sensations).

There are many technologies: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), eye-tracking, multimodality (when several technologies are combined).

We invite you to read our pages specifically dedicated to each technology to better understand their aspects: Technologies

This market is not recent. In 1995, Nintendo was already offering a Virtual Boy console with an integrated "stereo headset"! However, this market has seen an acceleration for several years. In the world of video games, but also in the industry. And yes, immersive technologies are on the rise! Automotive, education, defense, health, construction, retail, marketing... All sectors are interested!

It is to immerse oneself in a very real experience! The user uses sometimes his 5 senses to interact in a fictional or real life thanks to physical devices such as helmets or 3D glasses, tablets, smartphones...

Immersive technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality or eye-tracking are helping many companies today to anticipate the jobs of tomorrow.

They offer the possibility to design and integrate efficient interaction devices, to test hypotheses, to accelerate design cycles, to decide more quickly on operations to be performed, to anticipate system maintenance, to simulate and evaluate issues, to validate actions in real time, to train teams...

Feel free to visit our Why Innovate? page to explore this topic!

Yes! You're in luck and rest assured, you're not the only one! Our mission is to help you take control and become a specialist in the technologies that interest you. Don't hesitate to ask for a free video to tell us a little about your job!

Our goal? To avoid projects that will only be a flash in the pan and that will be forgotten after a few months. We will work with you to develop applications that are adapted to your needs and that offer real added value, in order to initiate the long-term adoption of these technologies... which you will very quickly become the internal reference!

Absolutely! We like to leave our clients free to do what they want with the code and designs we provide.

We provide the code and the right to expand and exploit it: once the code is delivered (with its complete documentation), you can market it, make it evolve... as you wish!

Yes, this is our standard way of working! We start from a simple observation: it is not possible to completely validate a design on paper.

By developing iteratively, you can regularly test and manipulate your application as you develop it.

For you, it is the opportunity to propose modifications as early as possible in the development cycle and to ensure control of your budget; for us, it is the assurance of providing an application that is totally adapted to your needs and those of your users. Everyone wins!

It all depends on your project. Our solutions are tailor-made, which is why each cost is specific to the chosen development.

But rest assured, we operate on an iterative cycle that allows us to move forward step by step, while controlling the budget.

The icing on the cake: we have CIR approval. CIR approved service providers allow their clients to recover up to 30% of their invoices in research tax credit. The approval represents an advantage for you: Immersalis is then 30% cheaper than a non-approved competitor.

Don't worry! We take care of everything! This is the strength of Immersalis. We accompany your teams from A to Z in situ so that they can take in hand these new technological devices and become completely autonomous.

We also offer trainingspecific to your needs.

We will take the time for you. Once the study is done and the estimate is validated, we will set up a roadmap with all the steps to follow to complete your project.

We will be pleased to accompany and train your teams to ensure the success of your ambition.

Immersalis offers you more than 15 years of international scientific experience. Our expertise is unique on the market, especially because we carry out customized projects.

You can trust us to design, develop and evaluate visionary systems for your business.

And if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask our customers 🙂

Research is at the heart of our company's DNA. Immersalis is the result of the research laboratory of the ESTIA engineering school, and we still maintain privileged links with academic research.

We participate in research, publish scientific articles, and participate each year in the organization of academic conferences. This strong link allows us to constantly monitor the latest scientific advances and contributions in our fields.

Simply: we create for you a customized tool, allowing you to adopt new interaction technologies to optimize the work of your users. We provide all our expertise and experience from academic and industrial R&D to support you and bring your project to a successful conclusion.

You feel that virtual reality is an opportunity for your company, but don't know how to approach it? We are here to help you define your project according to your needs and constraints and maximize your return on investment. You are an eye-tracking expert and have a well-defined need? We develop it for you through an agile process that allows you to redefine the objectives if needed.