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Our achievements and projects

Virtual reality for military planning

In partnership with Manzalab and ESTIA, we have designed a multimodal system allowing experts from different armies to gather in a virtual space for military operations planning.

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Worker with augmented reality glasses

Augmented reality and connected pen for industrial maintenance

In partnership with ESTIA, we have designed and developed a multimodal system combining augmented reality and digital pen to consult, modify and enrich technical documentation for industrial field maintenance.

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Woman studying seismic sections in virtual reality

Analysis of seismic models in virtual reality

We have developed for TotalEnergies a collaborative system allowing experts to study 3D seismic models in virtual reality.

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Manipulation of geological maps through the eyes

Facilitate the work of geological experts with eye-tracking: we designed and developed for TotalEnergies an integration of eye-tracking within Sismage-SIG, their internal geological analysis tool.

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Choosing your dish with your eyes

The company E-Konbini develops and markets connected vending machines for prepared meals. Orders can be placed remotely via the internet or on site using a touchscreen terminal. We transformed the user experience of the kiosk by allowing users to control it by looking at it.

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Teacher in front of a green screen

Creation of MOOCs on immersive technologies

The company DATUM ACADEMY commissioned us to create online courses on Unity development for virtual and augmented reality.

Our scientific publications

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